Ask any woman who has had her placenta encapsulated after birth and she'll likely rave about the amazing benefits of it! While clinical evidence to support this practice is still somewhat lacking, the anecdotal stories from families that have received the benefits of postpartum placenta ingestion never seem to be in short supply.  The benefits you'll likely see from this practice are:

  • increased milk supply
  • increased energy levels
  • increased iron levels
  • better bonding with baby
  • decreased chances of postpartum mood disorders like anxiety and depression

Here at Central Texas Birth we process according to the raw method of placenta encapsulation. What this means is that your placenta is simply rinsed off, sliced thin, dehydrated, then ground into a powder before it is put into pill form. Some encapsulators practice the steamed method of encapsulation which means they cook your placenta in a steam bath with lemons, ginger, or other herbs before dehydrating. This is a viable method of placenta encapsulation; however, we choose to do the raw method so no vital properties are cooked out from extra heat.

We are proud to provide local families with industry standard and safe placenta encapsulation. Our encapsulator will pick up your placenta from your birth facility or home (depending on where you have your baby and live) and process it. Processing usually takes 1-2 days and your pills are returned to you with storage and dosage instructions so you can begin taking them immediately. Every care and precaution is taken to make sure there is no cross-contamination of blood born pathogens. Thorough cleaning procedures are followed to make sure all surfaces and materials used are properly disinfected.

Email us using the contact form if you have any questions or you'd like to secure a spot in our monthly calendar for placenta encapsulation. It's never too early in your pregnancy to contact us!  

"My husband and I took Katy’s childbirth class in July and absolutely loved it. It was full of helpful information that guided us in making the best choices for our birth. Katy worked with my husband to teach him how to best help me during labor and when I birthed our son in November if it weren’t for the techniques Katy taught my husband I would have never made it through labor! We left Katy’s class feeling prepared and ready instead of overwhelmed and stressed about our son's birth. Katy also encapsulated my placenta for me after I gave birth and did a phenomenal job. She had my placenta back to me within two days of her picking it up, as Katy understood how vital it was and has been to my postpartum recovery. Katy has been there for us to answer any and every question we have had, small or big. She was and continues to always be so compassionate and professional and you can tell she truly loves what she does as she has given us the best care possible which led us to having the best birth possible!"

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Your placenta contains hormones, iron, and other minerals and necessary elements for healthy living,  so it's no wonder it helps balance your hormones after birth and gives you much needed stamina. From a biological standpoint, almost all mammals in the wild eat their placenta after birth (whether threatened by predators or not) so it definitely seems to be instinctual.