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childbirth education, breastfeeding support, and doula services.

We do not discriminate based on gender, age, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, or marital status.

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Founded in 2014

"Meeting with Katy gave us so much direction and confidence. She helped us have clarity when writing out our birth plan and encouraged us to follow our hearts' desires. She was the most calm and supportive person in the delivery room. Her knowledge, mental and physical support, and amazing positive vibes are indispensable tools we will recommend to every mama giving birth."

"I was at ease throughout my whole pregnancy knowing Katy would be there to help my husband and I physically and emotionally during this amazing milestone in our lives!"

"Katy is wonderful. She was very understanding, patient, kind, and helpful. I loved the services."

"Katy was the perfect personality to provide me with warm emotional support and tactful strategy to deal with the pain during my labor.  She helped me to stay focused and strong, and her belief in me to see it through inspired me to keep going although I did have those moments of mental and emotional weakness."

"Sometimes in life, we have to look to the experts. We need to rely on a plan, one that has been thought through, researched, one that follows our family's beliefs, and one that makes us the most comfortable. Katy and I had many conversations as to what my needs may be, what outcomes I could expect, what my roll was and what her roll was. Our communication and Katy's training, intuition, and skill was the very key to my successful outcome. Recently I was hospitalized and was so very scared and not sure I could make it through the night. I just wanted to give up. As soon as Katy arrived, my stress and pain levels went down. She knew just what I needed. One of the most impressive things was how well she could anticipate my needs and helped me communicate them to the hospital staff. Every time she was spot on. With that said, my pain and anxiety levels decreased by at least 70%. Katy stayed all night with me, changing my positions to help alleviate pressure. During the night she massaged my limbs and back and created a quiet bubble to just work at what I needed to do. The bond I have with Katy is unlike the one I have with anyone else. I can count on her to be strong when I cannot be. What a blessing Katy is as a doula! She was prompt, reliable, and bright in spirit and in mind. To me this was not a luxury, it was a medical necessity."

"Katy helped me by teaching and educating me on what a doula does. She let me know that she would help me with any questions or concerns that I had with my pregnancy. I am very grateful that she was there during my delivery. It made me feel more comfortable. I appreciate her teaching me and helping me learn more about breastfeeding, especially since I had never experienced it before. If I was having any more children I would definitely get a doula. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for all your help Katy."

"My experience with Katy Cordell as my doula exceeded my expectations! Katy was the perfect personality to provide me with warm emotional support and tactful strategy to deal with the pain during my labor. I was able to make it through labor and delivery completely drug free and I believe Katy's presence there was a huge contributing factor to me being able to do so. Katy massaged me, used counter pressure which I found great relief from, and was simply there by my side through the entire experience. I would highly recommend Katy to anyone looking for someone who is very empathetic while bringing a stable and strong energy to the table. She is very experienced herself in child birthing and I completely trust her and look forward to using her again as a doula should we be blessed with any more children!"

"Having Katy as my doula for my baby's birth was a true blessing! She was present every step of the way and I believe her being there made a huge difference in my first birthing experience. She brought me comfort and instinctual confidence! Thank you for all your hard work and support- we truly appreciate you!"

"We don't know what we would have done if Katy wasn't there. She stayed calm when things got intense and I wanted to freak out."  From a dad!

"I am lucky enough to not only have Katy Cordell as my best friend since the 5th grade but also as my doula during my first pregnancy. Katy is very passionate about helping in any way during pregnancy, birth, and after birth for mothers, their partners, and babies. She was very helpful in giving her opinion about all the unknowns of becoming a first time mom. Whether my questions were about my birth plan, breastfeeding, or just all the different circumstances that could arise during labor she helped me to be aware of these things. I was at ease throughout my whole pregnancy knowing Katy would be there to help my husband and I physically and emotionally during this amazing milestone in our lives! As her friend I can say she is one of the kindest, most loving people I know. I highly recommend Katy Cordell as your doula whether you're a first time mom or a pro. My beautiful baby girl is now 2 months old and my life is forever changed in the most amazing way! I'm so thankful that Katy was there to help us through that transition!"

"During my pregnancy Katy was so helpful! She is knowledgeable, kind, and she was never inconvenienced by phone calls or texts. I felt fully prepared and at ease with labor because she took the time to sit down with us and go over what we could expect and how to handle each situation accordingly.  During labor, Katy helped find the best way for me to be comfortable during contractions and was very supportive.  At the hospital she was invaluable.  She explained each and every thing the doctor or nurse was doing, or what they may have been suggesting we try.  While she explained the situation there was never any judgement, just information.  I had a long labor and she was there the entire time, then helped with breastfeeding, and made sure we were all taken care of before leaving. She even called to check on us at home long after her obligations were over.  Having Katy as our doula was so special.  I highly recommend her."